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Anthony Sacchetti – April ’18 Athlete of the Month
March 29, 2018
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April is National Youth Sports Safety Month

April is National Youth Sports Safety Month, a month dedicated to helping raise awareness of sports injuries in kids while also helping parents, coaches and student athletes learn how to avoid injuries.

More children are competing in sports than ever before!  Approximately 2.6 million children per year (over 7,000 kids per day) receive emergency room care for sports-related injuries in the United States.  90% of student athletes have been injured while playing a sport.  And every three minutes, a child is seen for a sport-related concussion.  The likelihood of suffering a concussion while playing a contact sport increases by 19% per year of play.  Concussions seem to be the most prevalent critical injury in youth athletes and require attention and awareness.  Many of these sports-related injuries can be quite serious, interfering not just with the child’s ability to play sports, but also with their future development and well-being.

Take the time to review these safety tips and take the pledge to play it safe this season!  Youth Sports Safety Tips:

  • Schedule a pre-participation physical exam to identify any issues or medical conditions that may need to be addressed.
  • Meet with coaches and/or trainers prior to participation to review any pertinent medical history. These supervisors should be CPR/First Aid Certified.
  • Before participating in physical activity, a dynamic warm-up routine should be performed. For those athletes who have participated in any of Elite’s programming know exactly what this means!  Warming up increases blood circulation and gets the muscles and joints ready for play, releasing muscle tension and improving flexibility.  Many overuse injuries: sprains (injuries to ligaments), strains (injuries to muscles), and stress fractures (injuries to bones) can be prevented by performing a thorough warm-up.
  • Play safe, follow the rules and ensure they are being enforced. Avoid any headfirst sliding, spearing and/or checking.
  • Recognize the signs of heat-related illnesses (including, but not limited to: heat exhaustion or heatstroke). Decrease or stop practices and competitions during high heat or humidity periods.  Wear light clothing.
  • Hydrate (before, during & after play).
  • Wear and use appropriate sports’ safety equipment and ensure it fits properly.
  • There IS such thing as a “day off” in any training program or organized sport. Periods of rest allow the body to heal and muscles to rest.  This is very important in preventing overuse injuries and muscle strains, that may lead to other, more serious injuries.  Take breaks.  An off-season is important too!
  • Do not play through an injury, even if it’s a “big game.” When in doubt, sit it out!

In honor of National Youth Sports Safety Month, Elite’s professional training staff will be offering this assessment COMPLIMENTARY to all current, new clients or athletes, and even physical therapy patients for the entire month of April!  This will include the Functional Movement Screen, Y-Balance Test, and other objective functional tests as appropriate.  Using the data collected from these tests, we will produce a ‘Client Injury Risk Summary Report‘ to demonstrate both areas of strength and areas for improvement.  We will also compare your injury risk to your age-matched peers.  In addition, you will be provided with corrective exercises to help improve your movement patterns and decrease your injury risk.

NOW is the perfect time to be assessed by Elite!

Injury Risk Assessments must be scheduled in advance.
Please call us at 774-215-5401 or email us at to schedule your assessment TODAY!