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At Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy in Foxboro, our mission is to provide the best in sports injury rehabilitation, orthopedic physical therapy, and sports performance training in the area. Our primary focus is to help our athletes and patients rehabilitate following surgery or orthopedic/sports injuries and return to their sport, their job, or favorite activity as safely and effectively as possible.

What sets us apart from many other PT facilities in the area is our integration of sports/orthopedic physical therapy and sports performance training. Because we offer a fully-equipped strength & conditioning facility and experienced training staff on-site, our patients can transition seamlessly from their rehab program into a more intense and sports-specific strength and conditioning program as they continue to prepare to return to their sport or favorite activity.

Our physical therapists and personal trainers work closely together to ensure that the transition is smooth, appropriate, and safe. By using this approach, many of our patients/clients often return to their sport stronger, faster, more flexible, more explosive, and more resistant to injury than ever.

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“My experience at Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy was excellent. I suffered a hip injury playing basketball and Ben was amazing in helping me get back on to the court in better shape than ever. I worked with Ben for a month straight doing exercises and stretching to strengthen my hips. I couldn’t believe how much it helped. Even though I have been feeling fine for months now, I still do my stretches and exercises to prevent another injury. Thanks to Ben and all the staff for making this a great experience!”

– Ryan B.

Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy

  • Experienced, highly-trained, and collaborative staff of physical therapists, strength & conditioning specialists, and personal trainers
  • Unique facility offering integration of sports physical therapy and sports performance training
  • Conveniently located inside of Mass Premier Courts and RBI Baseball Academy
  • Flexible scheduling, including evening hours several days per week
  • Endorsed as a Designated Training Facility by the Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention
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“We can't thank you enough for everything you've done for Ty. We are so relieved and happy that he has received the best physical therapy, rehabilitation, and strengthening of his shoulder to return to hockey. And on top on all of that, the total body strength and conditioning, and confidence he's gained through working with you is invaluable. Thank you for all of your expertise, dedication, and hard work in helping Ty reach his goals.”

– Courtney & Brian T.

Current Physical Therapy Hours

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I go about scheduling an appointment for physical therapy?

Please call us at 774-215-5401 to schedule an initial evaluation with one of our licensed and experienced physical therapists. Depending on your insurance plan, you may be required to provided a script for physical therapy from your physician, but many plans no longer require this. We can help you determine if you require a script from your physician to receive physical therapy services.

2. What should I bring to my initial appointment?

Please bring your license or photo ID, your insurance card(s), and your prescription for physical therapy from your physician. In addition, if your physician and/or surgeon provided you with any specific post-operative orders (i.e. post-operative protocol), please bring that information as well. Also, if you take any prescription medications, please bring a list of your medications and current dosages.

3. How should I dress for my initial evaluation?

Please be sure to dress appropriately or bring appropriate attire for your evaluation. If your injury involves a lower extremity, shorts are typically ideal. If your injury involves your back, neck, or upper extremity, please wear clothing that allows easy exposure of the area to be examined and/or treated during your session (i.e. tank top). Locker rooms are available if you need to change into more appropriate attire before or after your PT session.

4. How many PT sessions should I expect to need?

The number of PT sessions in a given episode of care depends on many factors, including the nature of your injury and/or surgery (and related healing times, etc), the medical necessity of your treatment, any specific orders from your referring physician, and the time it takes you to meet the functional goals outlined in your Plan of Care. In addition, different insurance providers offer different benefits regarding physical therapy services, which may also have an influence in the duration of your episode of care. Typically, most of patients are seen 1-3 times/wk during the episode of care (2 visits/week on average), depending on your therapeutic needs. In general, we strive to get our patients back to their optimal level of function as quickly and as safely as possible given the specific circumstances.

5. Who will provide my treatment during my physical therapy sessions?

Your Physical Therapist will perform your initial evaluation and any additional re-evaluations and/or progress notes for your physician as necessary. Your PT will typically provide all treatment as well, except on occasion when your PT may be out of the office on vacation, etc. We also occasionally employ the assistance of a PT Aide to assist with exercise instruction and supervision.

6. What can I expect at the conclusion of my episode of care?

To hopefully feel much better, stronger, more flexible, and more functional than when you arrived! But in addition to these obvious expectations, our goal is that you will have met your treatment goals, improved your level of function, achieved independence with your exercise program, and feel that you’ve received excellent care. Many of our patients are so happy with their experience that they choose to continue working with Elite by transitioning into one of our adult or athlete personal training programs.

Accepted Health Insurances

Both of our physical therapy centers accept most major health insurance plans including:

If you do not see your insurance listed above, Elite will provide a complimentary benefits check for you. Please contact reception at 774-215-5401 and press 1 for our office.