Group Training for Adults

Group Training Programs for Adults

Are you someone who prefers to work out with friends? Do you enjoy the extra motivation, fun and social interaction that come with a group fitness program? Elite offers small group training programs of up to 4 clients per trainer that capitalize on the benefits of small group training, which often include improved consistency, reduced cost, and more fun! These options include Buddy (2 clients/trainer), Tri-Train (3 clients/trainer) and Small Group (4 clients per trainer). Our trainers will design a group program that will provide you and a few friends a great workout, a dynamic program, and a motivating environment.

We can also provide larger group programs, by special request, that include both indoor and outdoor Fitness Boot Camps, TRX Training Classes, team training programs, and other special programs as requested.

So round up a few friends and contact us today to schedule your first group training session!

Here are just a few of the benefits of Elite's Adult Group Training Program:

Expert Coaching & Instruction

Elite’s team of trainers hold either a Bachelor’s degree in the field (i.e. Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology) or a nationally-accredited certification in personal training or strength and conditioning, and many of them hold both. Many of them have years, even decades, of experience training clients of all ages.

Quality Program Design

The importance of quality, proven program design cannot be overstated, and our group training programs include a variety of training drills and exercises to help you improve your strength, endurance, power, agility, and flexibility.


No one should hurt themselves while trying to better themselves and improve their fitness and conditioning. Elite’s trainers help ensure that clients perform exercises with proper form, optimal posture and body mechanics, correct breathing patterns, and appropriate pacing.


We take great pride in our clients and the results they achieve while training with Elite. The vast majority of our clients see outstanding gains in their overall fitness, strength, endurance, and performance.

Appearance & Confidence

In addition to improving performance and fitness, improving confidence and appearance can be important reasons for investing the time, effort and money in a quality training program. As clients begin to see the results of their hard work, both in their fitness and appearance, they often experience a corresponding increase in confidence and self-esteem. We’ve seen this countless times with our athletes over the years and it remains one of the most rewarding aspects of our work.


Who says training can't be fun? We strive to make our training programs not only a great workout, but a fun, dynamic experience for clients. Our clients enjoy the camaraderie and friendly competitive spirit that comes with a group training class. Plus, few things can boost your body’s natural endorphins like an intense workout! As we like to say, “You’re Only One Workout Away from a Good Mood.”

Motivation & Consistency

Elite's trainers wear many hats, working not only as your coach, but also as an educator, positive role model, and major source of motivation and encouragement. Attending regular workouts will hold you accountable, ensure consistent results, help you break through plateaus, and keep you moving forward toward your goals!

Pricing for Adult Training Classes

1 class/week 2 classes/week 3 classes/week
$80/month $160/month $240/month
  • Please see below for Elite Accelration availability.
  • Program Pricing based on a 4 week month and EFT Agreement.
  • Drop In Rate: $25/class.
  • Space is limited and we expect these groups to fill up quickly, so sign up today!

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