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T-Minus One Month to The Boston Marathon!

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Phyllis Heatley

Phyllis Heatley, PTA, CSCS, received her Bachelor’s in Science from the University of Massachusetts Boston in Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology and Fitness Administration in 1990. She has 25+ years experience working in the health and fitness industry throughout the Boston and South Shore areas.  Since then, she continued her education as a Physical Therapist Assistant and graduated from Newbury College in 1997 working with a variety of patients with orthopedic disorders; specifically sports-related injuries. Phyllis started at Elite on our French Street location in June 2006.  She has been working at Elite Sports and Physical Therapy in Stoughton ever since! Her dedication to not only Elite, but the time she spends with each patient, helping them achieve his or her rehab goals and improving their quality of life are remarkable.

Phyllis HeatleyThis year, Elite is proud to announce Phyllis will be running the 2018 Boston Marathon on Monday, April 16th!  She will be running with her sister, brother-in-law, niece and my nephew’s girlfriend to honor her father who passed in 2010 from a tragic car accident.  She has been running for 25+ years and has run three (3) Boston Marathons; her last marathon 15 years ago and in numerous half marathons & 10k road races in between.  Phyllis has an eight year old son who is the love her life and keeps her very busy (outside of her already grueling training schedule).  On Saturdays mornings in Kenmore Square starting at 8am since last December.  Her training program includes: weekly hill training, speed work, tempo runs, cross training and strength training for both her lower & upper body.  The hardest part of her training is “staying flexible and injury-free.  Preparing to run a marathon requires a lot of discipline between diet, supplements, training and getting enough sleep.  It takes a lot of commitment and dedication.  Try to stay focused; it can get overwhelming.  Know when to rest and listen to your body are the keys to success.”  Phyllis has had “every injury possible,” which she thinks has made her an even better therapist.  “Injuries are temporary, it’s not permanent and you will get better!”

She has decided to raise money while doing something that she truly loves, running; for an organization near and dear to her heart!  Phyllis is currently raising money for Wediko Children’s Services — and at 91% of her goal!  This organization opens doors for families faced with unexpected challenges – helping children struggling with serious social, emotional and learning challenges find happiness and success! They provide the tools necessary to mend the broken bridge and restore love, function and faith to live a quality life.

Please take the time and visit Wediko’s website and read some of their success stories.

For those of you who know Phyllis and understand her competitiveness and determination to hit her goal, please visit the link provided: www.bit.ly/phylliswediko

Meredith Rogazzo

Meredith Rogazzo, PT, DPT, CPT-ACSM graduated from Northeastern University with her undergraduate degree in Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences with a minor in Exercise Science. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, with a concentration in Sports, Strength and Conditioning, from Northeastern in 2016. She has a background in many different clinical settings, from acute care to outpatient orthopedics and sports performance. Meredith treats with an eclectic style of therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education and manual techniques, and has extensive experience treating a variety of orthopedic and sports injuries; including concussion. She emphasizes biomechanics and functional strength for all her patients to help them get back to performing at their highest level. Meredith grew up in Mansfield, MA where she played field hockey, ice hockey and track for Mansfield High School. Meredith went on to play club field hockey at Northeastern and continues to coach field hockey as the assistant for Mansfield High School. Meredith is also currently pursuing her CSCS certification from National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Meredith RogazzoMeredith is the newest Elite team member, and like Phyllis, is also running the 122nd Boston Marathon. This will be Meredith’s second time running Boston and her fourth marathon. She began running in high school as a way to stay in shape during her off seasons, but Meredith said “it became a great stress reliever throughout graduate school;” that is when she began training for races. By listening to her body and staying consistent with her training program, she conquers all the challenges running distance throws her way — training outside in this New England weather, rehabbing an old labral tear in her right hip, and finding enough time for effective warm-up and cool-down stretches! She encourages other runners eager to begin running distance to stay mentally tough and build a strong base in their lower bodies.

On April 16th, 2013, Meredith was at the finish line of the Boston Marathon when the tragic bombings occurred and changed the way she viewed the race forever. This year, Meredith has decided to run to help support the Military Friends Foundation (MFF). MFF, also known as Friends of the National Guard, was founded in 2001 after the horrific September 11th terrorist attacks. This organization helps aide active and reserve military families with financial hardship associated with deployments and / or the death of soldiers. This charity is especially important to Meredith given her families involvement with the military.

You can read more about MFF and / or help Meredith cross the finish line on Monday, April 16th, by clicking on the link provided: www.crowdrise.com/meredithrogazzo1