Team Training

We’ll help elevate your team’s performance
from good…to ELITE!

At Elite, we’ve worked with teams of all ages, from youth to professional and every level in between. Our team of strength & conditioning specialists and sports performance coaches will design a sports-specific program for your team that focuses on improving the most important attributes to your team’s overall performance, including strength, speed, agility, and power.

Our trainers pay close attention to ensure our athletes use proper form and technique in an effort to maximize our athletes’ results while minimizing risk of injury. By teaching and emphasizing excellent form during training sessions, we also help our athletes improve the quality of their individual workouts.

We can also perform pre-season injury risk assessments for your team, which include the Functional Movement Screen and Y-Balance Testing for each athlete. These tests allow us to identify faulty movement patterns, asymmetries in strength and mobility, and deficits in dynamic balance and core stability. By utilizing the data from these tests, we can help predict which athletes are at a higher risk of injury and provide corrective exercises that could help reduce the risk of future injury.

Our team training programs are designed to help your team improve the quality of individual performances and build team chemistry:

Gain Strength

As many trainers will tell you, "Strength is King" when it comes to optimizing athletic performance. Our programs include a variety of strength training tools, from free weights and machine-based exercises to body-weight exercises.

Boost Explosive Power

From hitting a baseball to making a block to shooting a puck, maximizing your power is key to enhancing your performance. Our programs include a healthy dose of plyometric exercises to help improve your power output.

Increase Speed

Speed is an essential component to most sports. We utilize specific tools, such as our Woodway Force treadmill, to help every athlete get!

Improve Agility

Speed is important, but agility and quickness are equally, if not more, important in many sports. We perform a variety of speed ladder and hurdle drills to help improve your foot speed, body control and quickness.

Increase Flexibility

Strength is important, but what good are strong muscles if they're too tight to move well? Flexible, pliable muscles and mobile joints allow you to put that strength to functional use. Dynamic and static stretching exercises and mobility drills are key parts of our programs.

Develop Dynamic Balance

Like agility, dynamic balance and the ability to control one's body in space are key attributes of many top athletes, not only for performance but for preventing injuries as well. ”

Strengthen Core Stability

As we often say, "You're only as strong as your core." A strong and stable core allows for increased force production from your arms and legs, making core training a staple of all our programs.

Improve overall conditioning

The difference between a win and a loss can often come down to which team is better conditioned (witness Super Bowl 51!). We'll make sure your team's overall conditioning level is second to none.

Reduce risk of injury

A well-designed training program can help reduce the risk of non-contact and overuse injuries. All of our training program are designed with the intention of keeping our athletes healthy, injury-resistant, and out of the trainer's room.